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Uncovering the ‘Recruitment DNA’

We have all seen examples of where recruiters have moved from one sector to another, or from a temp to a perm desk and these aspects can depend on your success and enjoyment as a Recruiter. Recruitment is a transferable skill, so you can decide what you wish to recruit for.  If you’re successfully recruiting in one industry, it is HIGHLY LIKELY you could be successful in another, and you may even find it is a better fit to your personal style.


Our question is “are recruiters in certain sectors made of the same DNA?”  Tui Recruit is analysing whether there is a difference in personality dependent on which sector you recruit in, whether Industrial, Executive, IT or other; or whether you are a temp, perm or contract recruiter?  Every Recruiter is different, but do we share common skills and traits. Perhaps some of these personality traits may better align to certain industry sectors.


To further explore this theory we have created a quick Weirdly quiz that will hopefully provide us with real world insights into the specific Recruiter ‘DNA’ for each sector and specific desk. We would love your input, please click here to take the Weirdly Quiz. Please note your results will be collated completely anonymously and the insights will be published in our next blog.

If you have any thoughts on which industries are best suited to specific Recruiter personalities or if you have a great story about moving from one sector to another, we would love to hear from you.

Nina and the team at Tui



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20 August, 2015
Nina Tomaszyk
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