Recruitment Consultant Construction and Engineering

Recruitment Consultant Construction and Engineering

Join a customer centric company who like to celebrate recruitment| Auckland

This is NOT a dinosaur company.

They are technologically ahead of the game
They have a very credible and well respected figure head
They have ambitious but fair targets
They offer a sense of belonging,

AND they have a great coffee machine and standing around is part of their social rituals

It's important to be the Right Person, at the Right Place, at the Right Time. Take this opportunity NOW

Come on the recruitment journey with us:
Awareness - I am interested in looking at my options so will talk to Nina at Tui Recruit
Reflect - What am I really looking for?
Choice - Nina and I have discussed these options.
Action - I am off on a great journey to meet with new opportunities

Time to rediscover yourself? Please discuss what you are looking for with Nina at Tui Recruit

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